A new role is emerging inside sales organizations, often termed 'sales development'. Sales Development Reps, or SDRs, bridge the gap between marketing and sales, reaching out to inbound leads and prospecting new ones. Selligy Pursuit was designed for this new market. It allow sales development managers to define 'touch patterns' for the reps to follow, and to give those reps all the tools they need to complete their tasks in one place. It keeps up with who is due what email when, includes click-to-dial call features, and can manage all lead data in Salesforce without the need to ever leave your Gmail inbox. All customer emails and other activity are also saved automatically back to Salesforce for the user.

Rather than building a standalone app, we decided to focus on the most common task (email), and build pursuit right into the Gmail inbox that most of our customers used. A simple Chrome extension adds the Selligy side bar to Gmail, bringing all of their tasks right where they already live. Non-email tasks such as calls are handled by a dialog modal that appears on top of Gmail. 

In addition to the Gmail sidebar, we also built a conceptually simple but powerfully flexible admin site which allows managers to build and update the touch patterns used to generate their reps tasks.

Pursuit was built with incredible speed. Building on our previous experience with the mobile app, Pursuit was conceived, designed, and launched into beta in just 4 months, and launched publicly just a month later.

I was responsible for much of the concept, the user experience, design, and front-end code for the Sidebar, the Admin console, and the marketing website.

Selligy Pursuit Promotional Video

What Selligy customers are saying

"Our inbound leads used to take an entire workday, now it's done before lunch. With Pursuit, we finally have time in the day for proactive prospecting."

Sona Patel, Senior Account Executive

"After 2 weeks, we're seeing 2.5x the amount of outbound sales activity."

"The least I can say is 'I love Selligy!' You guys have done awesome work here."

"This product has changed my life."