The genesis of Selligy was to build a suite of products and services for salespeople. We wanted to remove them from the tedium of CRM and data entry, and allow them to focus on the work for which they performed best: selling. 

We began with the premise that mobile devices were the key to unlocking this shift in productivity. Our phones know where we are, they have our calendars, so they know where we need to go, and when we need to be there. They are connected to the cloud, so we can connect calendar meetings with customer information in CRM automatically. We can glean so much information by connecting all of these different data points that we could drastically cut down on the need to use CRM at all, and manage almost everything through a seamless integrated mobile product that both prepares users for meetings, and collects the key info needed to report back after a meeting.

With all of that in mind, I went through several iterations to arrive at the final branding mark for Selligy. Meetings were the common thread through which all of our data and technology were connected, so we wanted to represent that in a unique way. Because our main product would come in the form of an app, it was important to have a mark that would work well as a stand-alone icon as well. And because we were at the front lines of the 'consumerization of IT' trend that's been developing over the last few years, we also wanted something softer than a typical enterprise software company brand. More approachable, more friendly. 

Final Logo


The 'location clock' icon is the result, combining the imagery of mobile location information into a dynamic clock icon. It was actually designed to work as a functioning clock as well, with hands that would move and be different depending on the time of day. Functional animated versions were built, but never implemented in a big way. We settled on 1:30 as the default time on the logo for static implementations for balance and aesthetic reasons. Accompanying the icon is the 'selligy' word mark in a slightly modified Gotham Rounded typeface (the shape of the 'y' was modified to mirror the shape of the location pin). The lighter type, along with the bright colors, gives the brand the consumer-friendly emotional connection we wanted, and the final result is an instantly recognizable brand in a sea of generic enterprise CRM companies.

Early sketches for the 'clock' concept


Logo application for app icon


Hand-built aluminum and glass office signage

Selligy SignageSelligy Signage